Monday, January 22

3,200 New Troops in Baghdad

Baghdad boosted as US losses grow
More than 3,000 US troops have arrived in Baghdad, the first deployment of extra forces promised for the Iraqi capital by US President George W Bush.
As the deployment began, the US military said four soldiers and one marine had been killed in the restive western province of Anbar.

It took to 25 the number of US deaths in Iraq on Saturday - one of the worst days for US troops since the invasion.

In the latest violence in Baghdad seven people were killed in two blasts.

A bomb on a minibus killed six people in Karrada, a mostly Shia district. The second bomb hit central Baghdad.

In the south of the country, a British soldier was killed by a roadside bomb near the city of Basra.

The 3,200 extra troops sent to Baghdad are the advance guard of a 21,500-strong deployment ordered by President Bush earlier this month.

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