Saturday, January 20

Posturing While Baghdad is Burning

This week while more troops were sent to Iraq Democrats and moderate Republicans in the Senate postured with creating a non-binding resolution decrying Bush's commitment of 21,500 more soldiers to Iraq. Meanwhile bills in the Woolsey Bill in the House to withdraw troops in 6 months and the Kennedy Bill in the Senate to require congressional approval before further escalation--that have teeth to them-- are waiting for the light of day. On top of this Bush is pushing forth a defense spending bill that will pay for the war for another year!

It is time to demand Congress to do the right thing. The eyes of Congress are on 2008 and not today. The first party who blinks loses the Presidency is the thinking of political strategists. What is missing in the picture is that our army is a voluntary one. If the public perceives that the government is making a political football out of the lives of their sons and daughters, we will have a very serious domestic problem to address.

Ending this war is the right thing to do because, in so doing, it chills the growing unrest in the region by removing the us, the 900 pound gorilla, that has put Iran onto the battlefield. Without diplomatic solutions, it is likely that the whole of the Middle East could become embroiled in a full scale war, which would be to no one's benefit.

Iraq is in turmoil, there is no doubt. But without our troops there and with diplomacy and, perhaps, the Arab states providing peacekeeping troops, it is more likely that a reasonable solution can be found.

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