Friday, January 12

President Bush Must End 'His' War in Iraq

From Progressive Democrats of America

Rep. Jim McGovern: M. Speaker, President Bush Must End 'His' War in Iraq
January 11, 2007, Washington, DC

Rep. Jim McGovern made this speech on the House floor around 5:00 PM, Wednesday, January 10, 2007, before the president's televised address:
M. Speaker, tonight we will once again listen to President Bush as he describes yet another strategy for the War in Iraq. By all accounts from the media, the president will tell the nation that he intends to send more U.S. troops to fight and die in Iraq. This is not “stay the course,” M. Speaker, this is escalation. And at a bare minimum, Congress must find the wisdom and the courage to require and vote upon specific new authorization to escalate the number of troops in Iraq. This is what Senator Kennedy from Massachusetts called for yesterday. He has introduced legislation that prohibits any federal funds from being used to increase the number of U.S. forces in Iraq without a specific authorization of Congress by law for such an increase.


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