Tuesday, January 9

Reading the Tea Leaves

A couple other bloggers (Diary of a Political Madman and Political Forecast) have latched on to my post about Dave Loebsack's statements. In fairness to Dave, and to aid my DFA friend Ed Flaherty who has been actively trying to stop this war, I sent a fax to our new IA-2 Congressman's office to clarify his position. I supported Dave in his run and, for the record, do not have any animosity toward him personally.

I feel that his public statements are confusing and hope he and/or his office will take time to clarify his current position. There are many folks in the 2nd District that would like to bring our troops home safely and have grave concerns about a projected surge that the president is likely to propose and will call for additional funding to accomplish. I know Dave to be an honorable person and look forward to reporting what I learn.


T.M. Lindsey said...

For the record, I think you meant Political Forecast, not Political Fallout in your post. An easy slip, one I've done when linking my own site.

Gark said...

I'll fix that. Sorry about that.