Tuesday, January 2

Calling all Canaries

We all have a place on this planet. Some of us will raise offspring. Some of us will raise hell. The point is, we all can’t be proficient at everything. Therefore, those of us who are gifted at watching the political landscape (or the flower garden) should relish our roles as constant gardeners.

This point was driven home to me when visiting my home town. This place, in another three vowel one consonant state, is where I go to remind myself that the realities I face in this college town are not many people's realities. During the three days I was there, I did not watch the news or pick up a newspaper; this is pretty common in that area. Instead, I played with my niece and nephew, visited friends, and caught up with my ailing mother.

What this teaches me is that I’m not suited to being a parent, or a daytime TV zombie. I care about what happens in the world and do my best to be a canary in a coal mine; I try to pass on information and take action so that others can find time to care too.

To the rest of the canaries out there, and you know who you are, it is important to do your job. It is important because you are good at it and have the luxury of time, something, quite frankly most don’t have. It can be a solitary existence sometimes, but for all that is sacred, it is important to keep on with the keep on.

This has been my secret canary satisfaction, other folks will catch up on some important issues and take action too. Canaries need to keep the light on. The world would be awfully dark without us.


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