Thursday, February 1

Impeachment, the War, and doing the right thing

Across the blogosphere there is a flurry of discussion about impeaching the President, ending the war in Iraq, and whether the political stomach to do such things exists.

Theories about where things are:

1) The Democrats don't have the stomach to do it because it sets the Republicans up for success in 2008.
2) The Republicans want to be vindicated for the war--If we had only stayed the course...
3) Politics doesn't move in real time. Wheels are in motion to address the concerns of the public, but patience is a virtue.
4) It's about power: whose got it and who wants it.
5) The President (has no clothes) but warns we have nothing to play for advantage, but fear itself.
6) Both parties say "If we are going to get anything done in a bipartisan way, we have to avoid distractions."
7) Both parties are chickensh**t and are jockeying for position.

My crystal ball view: We are likely to see mass prosecutions after 2008, but as long as there is a war, nobody's going to impeach anybody. The Democrats are building up political capital for 2008. The Republicans are retrenching and looking for their issues. The President is looking for a legacy and can't get it without Congressional support. Prediction: The war will end in Iraq before 2008, the middle east will be in more turmoil, the Dems will take the White House in '08. Domestic issues will take the front seat.

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