Wednesday, February 28

Irony in the News: Anti-War protesters "Disturb the Peace"

Maybe it's just me, but how can anti-war protesters "disturb the peace"?

From the Boston Globe

"five protesters denounced the war in Iraq yesterday, as they accepted their punishment for blocking traffic in Sherborn in an act of civil disobedience.

In one of five statements read politely at Natick District Court, Lewis Randa, 59, of Sherborn called the war "illegal and immoral" as he addressed Judge Sarah Singer.

Sarah Fuhro, 65, of Natick, the mother of an Army Reserve soldier who recently returned from Iraq, pleaded "to stop the killing and maiming of our soldiers and the Iraqi people."

Louise Coleman, 62, of Sherborn, said, "I have to do whatever I can to stop this out-of-control, insane war."

After all defendants pleaded no contest to charges of disturbing the peace, Sherborn police Sergeant Michael McLaughlin, the town's police prosecutor, clapped Randa on the shoulder and wished him well.

"All these people are nice people," McLaughlin said after the court proceedings. "They're dedicated to their cause. We didn't arrest them because of their beliefs. We arrested them because of their activity, which created a dangerous situation."

Speaking of Peace...

Peace Education & Action Center of Eastern Iowa
Music, speakers, food, kids’ activities
2:00-4:30, Old Brick, first floor
26 E. Market St., Iowa City

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