Tuesday, February 6

Politics and Why the War Will Continue

...until after November 4, 2008. This is the reason that the Senate will not pass binding or even non-binding legislation to protest (or, for golly sakes, end) the war. This is the reason that John, Dennis, Tom, Christopher, Joe, Mike, Hillary, and Obama are laying out withdrawal plans that seem more like an office pool than policy decision. This is the reason that we can expect more soldiers and innocent civilians to die.

The point is, our government can decide to stop the war today, but won't.

The outcome of the war is already in the can--we removed Saddam and have left the Middle East in turmoil--mission fr**kin' accomplished. We have solidified our economy by making work for thousands of military hardware companies to come up with new ideas how to fight wars with fewer soldiers-- Call up the Robo-militia. We have lined the pockets of mercenaries of all kinds. What we haven't done is to make the US any safer despite the "Homeland Security Rainbow of Risk" color scheme.

What hasn't been decided is who our next President will be, hence Iraq is a ping-pong ball which will be swatted around until we have a new (and, dare I say it, improved) President.

May the best Weasel win.

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