Thursday, March 22

Congress--Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

Here are six important reasons to oppose the supplemental spending bill (also known as the "Iraq Accountability Act") the House will be voting on:

1) It funds both the continued occupation of Iraq and Bush's escalation of the war.
2) It allows Bush to decide when U.S. troop withdrawal should begin -- possibly not until Sept. 1, 2008 -- a full 18 months from now.
3) It is silent on the question of attacking Iran. (Language requiring Congressional authorization for military action against Iran was removed from the bill.)
4) It allows an unspecified number of troops (10,000? 30,000? 50,000?) to remain in Iraq indefinitely.
5) It would bring spending on the Iraq war to more than $500 BILLION!
6) Most importantly, it guarantees that more of our brave troops will likely be injured and killed.

Call the Congressional Switchboard toll-free: 888-851-1879 (ask the operator to connect you to your Representative's office).

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