Thursday, March 8

Iowa City Politics

It is March and this is typically the time that the candidates start announcing their intentions to run for Iowa City Council. Curiously, the grapevine is quiet which either indicates a sense that regardless of who runs, the outcome is likely to be status quo or folks are looking for an issue to hitch their wagons (like the ever popular "21 Ordinance").

Who's Definitely In?

Regenia Bailey (Mayor Pro-tem) running for re-election - District C
Ross Wilburn (Mayor) running for re-election - Disctrict A

Who's likely to be in?

Dee VanderHoef running for re-election - At-large

Who's widely rumored to be in?

Terry Smith (currently a Planning & Zoning member)

Who's Out?

Bob Elliott - incumbent At-large

The big mystery is who will be running for the empty seat and will the incumbents be challenged? Stay tuned.

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