Thursday, March 22

Is There a Detention Center Near You?

By the fall of 2007 the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will spend an estimated $1 billion per year to detain over 27, 500 immigrants. ICE operates eight Service Processing Centers (SPCs) and seven contract detention facilities. Additionally, immigration detainees are being held in local jails and private prisons across the United States. According to ICE, the average detention is about one month, although some detainees are kept for several years.

If you live near a detention center (or even if you don't), consider ways to make the plight of the detainees and their families more widely known and what you can do to help them gain fair treatment. Visit the web sites of organizations listed in our Threatened Communities page for more information and suggestions. Also, please see Other Resources at the bottom of this page for further information on immigration detention and deportation, news articles and how to protect your rights. Also view strategies for dealing with local detention centers in your community, from the New Jersey Civil Rights Defense Committee.

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