Monday, July 23

Robo-callers Beware

A note to future candidates for public office who love to use automated phone calling/messaging systems, DO NOT ROBO-CALL me. So far we have received no less than 100 such calls from the campaigns and I gotta tell you, in the words of Shania Twain, "it don't impress me much." If Chris Dodd (I'll pick on him because his 'botcall was most recent) really wants me to show up to one of his events, Senator Dodd, have a volunteer call or, if you have a moment between bills (and outside the Senate, please), call me.

Now I realize that there are practical implications, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that robo-calls turn me so far off, I may never hear a candidate's message--and no, it doesn't impress me if Rob Reiner, Martin Sheen, or Sheryl Crow calls on your behalf either.

And if you are a 527 group, don't use this method--seriously, it probably hurts more than it helps your cause.

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