Tuesday, August 21

Cogs and Wheels of Government

A very good friend of mine has gone off to Washington, D.C. to begin work at the State Department. When we last talked, he was off to Africa after his orientation to begin his work in earnest. In point of fact, there is probably no single government agency that would be more important to work in than the State Department, given the direction that the current administration has taken.

It is interesting to learn from my friend that a number of people in the diplomatic corps have retired or quit in the last seven years. The difficulty, I imagine, in being a career diplomat is the constant ebb and flow of policy depending on the administration in the White House and the whims of Congress.

This takes me to the "cogs" of government. These are the people who do the day to day job of government. Your mail carrier, human services clerks, and economic analysts, are good examples of this. These are the people who do the heavy lifting to deliver the goods that the bureaucratic and political "wheels" promise.

While it is easy to fault the wheels, as we approach Labor Day in another week or so, it is important to reflect that there are good, decent people working on our behalves.

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