Wednesday, August 29

Dodd to IAFF: Rescue Me

From AP vis Forbes

Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd is counting on firefighters for a different kind of rescue - keeping his simmering presidential campaign from burning out.

The International Association of Firefighters' endorsement Wednesday might be Dodd's best - and maybe last - shot to overcome top-tier rivals who outshine him in celebrity, outpace him in polls and outperform him in fundraising.

The yellow-and-black-clad firefighters have done it before, resuscitating Democrat John Kerry's struggling campaign in late 2003 and helping him win the Iowa caucuses that propelled him to victory in the New Hampshire primary and eventually the nomination.

"The voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are still very much shopping," said Dodd, who is hoping that firefighters - the "most trusted of our public servants" - can push him to the front of the Democratic primary pack.

Dodd and the firefighters begin a three-day, three-state tour on Thursday, visiting Iowa, New Hampshire on Friday and Nevada on Saturday.

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