Monday, August 27

Edwards Now Leads Giuliani by Eight, Thompson by 14

Rasmussen Reports latest poll shows Democratic Senator John Edwards now holds solid leads over the two leading Republican Presidential hopefuls. The most recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows Edwards leading former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani 49% to 41%. Edwards dominates former Senator Fred Thompson 49% to 35%.

A month ago, Edwards held a virtually identical lead over Giuliani. In between, Giuliani had closed the gap to two points in early August. This continues a trend that began in April, with Edwards consistently polling in the mid-to-high 40% range against Giuliani while the New Yorker has polled in the mid-to-low 40’s.
Giuliani started the year with the edge over Edwards. He came out on top in five Rasmussen Reports national telephone polls between November, 2006 and March of this year. Since April, seven more polls have been conducted and Giuliani has not been ahead in any of them.

Edwards has led by double digits in four out of six previous match-ups with Thompson.
Edwards also leads former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Arizona Senator John McCain in Rasmussen Reports polls.

While he generally outperforms other Democrats in general election match-ups against Republicans, Edwards remains mired in third place in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination. On the Republican side of the aisle, Giuliani and Thompson have been on top for several months.

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