Tuesday, August 21

Fallon Says "Wright On!" to Headlining Mike Wright's Campaign

If Sunday night is looking like just another night for you, why not come to hear peppy, multi-talented former Iowa legislator, 2006 Democratic candidate for governor, and Iowa State Fair Accordion champion Ed Fallon who will be in Iowa City Sunday August 26 to support the campaign kickoff of Mike Wright for an at-large seat on the Iowa City City Council.

Fallon will speak and demonstrate his accordion skills at 6:30 pm at 225 N. Lucas St., Iowa City (call 358-9344 for information). Suggested donation $25 and everyone is welcome.

Mike Wright is a neighborhood activist, vice-chair of the Iowa City Board of Adjustment, and a University of Iowa librarian. Mike also serves on the board of the Iowa Library Association and as the head of the Association's Intellectual Freedom Committee. Wright is running to promote strong neighborhoods, provide equitable fire and police coverage in Iowa City (including support a northeast-side firehouse), and to help the Council meet the challenges of the next four years.

Mike's partner, Michael Knock, is the food writer for the Press-Citizen, so you know there will be some good food too!

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