Monday, August 27

Great Turnout at Wright Kickoff

The campaign kickoff for Mike Wright started off with for Iowa Rep. Ed Fallon playing "Lady of Spain" on the accordian, but the highlight of the evening was the turnout by local politicos and interested others like Rod Sullivan, Karen Kubby, Mitch and Melanie Gross, Larry Baker, Jay Berry, Tom Carsner, Nick Johnson, and many, many others.

Fallon discussed I'M for Iowa, which is works
at the local level to further develop a broad movement committed to progressive reform in state and local politics and the need for developing sustainable communities and economies. Specifically, they:

(1) Work with Iowans across the state to develop the tools they need to address problems confronting them and their communities, particularly issues involving land, justice and poverty;

(2) Advocate for progressive legislative changes, particularly Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE), CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) and universal health care;

(3) Continue to build the organizational base necessary to recruit and elect progressive candidates across the state, and mentor them on an ongoing basis once elected;

(4) Support local businesses and Iowa farmers and encourage personal examples of the many ways in which individuals can lead lives that are more sustainable and truly independent; and

(5) Build the infrastructure needed to create a grassroots, democratic force that can become An Independence Movement for Iowa, and work in coalition with groups committed to these goals and ideals.

Wright highlighted his support of affordable housing and historic preservation, a fully staffed northeast fire station, and increasing the number of patrol officers. When asked about the 21 ordinance, he said that he personally supports it. He also discussed using TIF in a more judicious way.

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