Wednesday, August 29

No Time Like the Present

In Iowa, we have the great fortune to have the attention of all the major presidential campaigns and the national media. That is why every advocacy group under the sun tries to stake out their place so that the spotlight may shine on shine on their cause, if only for a day. Below are some causes that have not received their 15 minutes of fame. Help get the word out if you can.

US Campaign for Burma: Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has been held under house arrest by the military government that is responsible for displacing 1.5 million villagers from their homes and innumerable human rights violations.

The Sunlight Foundation: This non-partisan organization is trying to create a more transparent government and more accountability. Do yourself a favor and check out visualizing earmarks and see how your congressional legislators are doing.

One Vote '08: Eradicating global poverty and treatment of AIDS is the goal of the One organization. Check out their candidate tracker.

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