Sunday, September 30

Bush and Global Warming: Leading the Coalition of the Unwilling

George Bush has suggested that where global climate change is concerned, he would rather go it alone. The president declared that each country needs to make their own decision, rather than signing on to a global agreement such as the Kyoto Protocol. "Each nation must decide for itself the right mix of tools and technology to achieve results that are measurable and environmentally effective," Mr Bush told delegates in Washington.

South African Environment Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk put the sense of the 16 nations at the conference best by saying "What [the US] placed on the table at this meeting is a first step, but is simply not enough. We think that the US needs to go back to the drawing board."

Bush said, "We must [address global warming agreements] in a way that does not undermine economic growth or prevent nations from delivering greater prosperity for their people," he said.

"Greater prosperity" will be hard to guarantee if we superheat the planet and kill off the very things that benefit from doing so, namely us.

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