Friday, September 21

Johnson County Educators Well Represented on Edwards Team

John Edwards announced a 214-member strong Iowa Education Professionals for Edwards organization. He has numerous friends among education professionals in Johnson County.

“Iowa needs a leader who will fight to improve our schools and make sure every child gets a quality education,” said Aletia Morgan, Technologies Director at the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Information and a former member of the Iowa City School Board. “John Edwards has stood up for children his entire career and as president, he will work every day to make sure every child has the chance to succeed. He has proposed a detailed plan to reform our education system and ensure that our children have the tools they need to get ahead.”

Morgan and a number of other area educators support Edwards including:

Ben Vanzante, Retired High School English and Journalism Teacher
Michael Fritz, Elementary School Teacher
Willis Harte, High School Math Teacher
Dave Redlawsk, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Iowa
Kay Mescher, Dental Hygiene Professor, University of Iowa
Susan Spaziani, Retired Special Education Teacher
Barbara Gingerich, 5th and 6th Grade Teacher
Janet Smith, Test Development Editor for Iowa Testing Programs
Ed Rolenc, Math and Computer Science Teacher
Jill Neuzil, 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher
Virginia Ordman, English Teacher
Eugene Spaziani, Retired Biology Professor

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