Tuesday, September 25

The Little Rock 9 and the Cedar Rapids 19: Parallels in Justice

At a gala on Monday evening, Former President Bill Clinton said Americans needed to continue to improve race relations.

"It is easy to celebrate the courage of others for what they did 50 years ago. It is another thing altogether to build the world our children would like to live in 50 years from now."

Without lessening the impact of the Little Rock 9, it occurs to me that a similarity can be drawn between justice seekers of any generation. The people right here in Iowa who sat-in at Senator Grassley's office to ask him to help end the war in Iraq, the mayor of San Diego who voted his conscience to challenge the ban on same-sex marriage in California, the UAW strikers all are helping to build the world our children will live in.

If there is a reason to value the Constitution of the United States, it is this, the ability of free people to speak their minds and take action against tyranny. While it is nowhere near "a more perfect union," the Constitution allows us the possibility.

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