Tuesday, September 18

My Name is Muka(sey)

Remember when the selection of Alberto Gonzales was seen as a step toward government diversity? Boy, did it hurt to find out that he wasn't really qualified for the job. But now there is a new nominee in town and his name is Mike Mukasey (forgive that his monogram is the same as Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Monroe or Mickey Mouse).

The Who once said, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"... we want to avoid another fiasco in the AG position by knowing more about the "new boss."

We know he and Rudy Guiliani are best friends, so there's that. Beyond the fact that he is pro-PATRIOT Act, but also made a legal judgment that said enemy combatants should actually have access to lawyers, and that the Blind Sheik and his pals should have a life sentence for the first attack of the WTC.

The Whitehouse Raves: Michael Mukasey, a strong Attorney General

Then there's the always conservative WSJ (well actually the law blog: Seven Things to Know About Michael Mukasey:

But the US News and World Report has 3 more things you gotsta know.

Here's the thing, he's from New York and people like to think of even conservatives from New York as being reasonable.

So as long as the Dem leadership doesn't mind and the Reps don't mind--it looks like we will have a Muka Mike as the AG--I wonder where he stands on prosecuting former AGs...

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