Tuesday, September 4

Obama and Clinton Removing Kit Gloves?

Change versus experience (See latest Gallup Poll), the oldest political themes since the Garden of Eden. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton took turns claiming they have both, but in different ways and at the expense of each other.

According to Newsday in Sioux City and Manchester, New Hampshire:

Clinton, speaking to a union picnic in Iowa, mocked Obama's "Politics of Hope" while Obama told a labor rally in New Hampshire that Clinton represented "divisive special-interest politics" in the Bush-Cheney style.

"You just don't do by hoping it happens, you need the experience to make it happen," Clinton said during a joint appearance with Bill Clinton here on the banks of the Missouri River. "I know how important it is that you do it in a way that gets enough Republicans to vote for you."

Obama, hitting a make-or-break period in his campaign, told supporters in Manchester: "George Bush and Dick Cheney may have turned divisive, special-interest politics into an art form, but it was there before they got to Washington" -- a reference to the Clintons' eight years in power.

"There are those who tout their experience working the system in Washington," he added. "A lot of people who've been in Washington a lot longer than me ... they go [to the] right dinner parties, they know how to talk the Washington talk ... but I believe I have the experience America needs right now."

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