Tuesday, September 25

Progs and Cons: Media Voices in Iowa

Media Matters reports that when it comes to the media, Iowa is more Red than Blue. Fortunately in the Iowa City area, it is fairly divided when it comes to syndicated columnists, but not so in Des Moines and elsewhere. Check out the full report here.

IOWA MEDIA: Daily Newspapers at a Glance

- In Iowa, there are 37 daily newspapers with a total circulation of 589,975.

- Conservative syndicated columnists appear a total of 62 times per week in Iowa newspapers. Centrist columnists appear a total of 10 times, while progressive columnists appear a total of 40 times.[1]

- Taking newspaper circulation into account, these columnists have the potential to reach Iowa readers a total of 2,671,629 times each week.

- Nationally syndicated conservative columnists account for 48 percent of the column impressions in Iowa, while nationally syndicated progressive columnists account for only 40 percent of the column impressions.[2]

- Those conservative columnists reach Iowa readers 225,066 more times than their progressive counterparts.

- The top nationally syndicated columnists published regularly in Iowa consist of five conservatives, one centrist, and four progressives.

[1] These figures account for columnists appearing in multiple papers; if a particular columnist is in five separate papers, he or she is counted in these figures five times.

[2] Similar to the advertising term “ad impressions,” “column impressions” counts the number of copies of each column that appears in print.

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