Monday, September 10

This is What Democracy Looks Like...

Compiled from CNN, US News and World Report, and The Raw Story.

Protesters could be heard yelling "war criminal" at Army Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, who were about to testify about conditions in Iraq.

At least one woman could be heard shouting briefly, before Ike Skelton (D-MO) ordered anyone who disrupted the proceedings to be removed from the hearing room.

"Out they go," Skelton said. He paused a few seconds, then asked no one in particular, "Are they gone?"

The long awaited testimony of General David Petraeus on the status of the Iraq war, took even longer Monday as the microphone for the top commander malfunctioned.

After opening statements from the Democratic chairmen and ranking Republicans at the Joint Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Armed Services Committee, the room fell silent as Petraeus began to speak. And it stayed silent, as the general waited for technicians to fix the problem. Armed Services Chairman Ike Skelton called a five minute recess.

But not all the microphones were broken. After one of the several protesters in the audience was escorted out after shouting, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee shared his thoughts on the matter.

The protesters "really p—- me off," Skelton said, further characterizing them as "ass——s." Rep. Duncan Hunter, the ranking Republican on the committee, then leaned over and drew Skelton into quieter conversation farther from the microphone, leaving Skelton's further phraseology to the arena only of informed speculation.

Later in the hearing more protesters were removed, including one who appeared to be Adam Kokesh, an Iraq veteran who has become a leading figure in the anti-war movement. Several more Code Pink members and other anti-war activists remained in the hearing room, and some members worried about further disruptions.

As Petraeus was delivering his testimony, another protester began shouting, "That's a lie," as Petraeus accused Iran of supporting insurgents in Iraq.

"Would the entire group that's back there supporting that person be removed," Skelton requested.

The Testimony:

What General Petraeus said.

What Ambassador Crocker said.

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