Saturday, September 22

Watch Out Iran, Blackwater Smuggles Arms Too

The BBC reports that US private mercenary firm Blackwater USA (Which employs 231 non-USA guns for hire) is bringing unauthorized weapons into Iraq.

Last July the Turkish government complained to ours that arms sold by Blackwater were ending up in the hands of the Kurdish PKK.

It looks like we have a little explaining to do about how the War on Terror works, if US companies supplying arms to terrorists.

The report from the BBC says "Federal prosecutors are investigating whether staff from US security company Blackwater smuggled weapons to Iraq, according to reports. Some employees are alleged to have sent over unlicensed weapons and equipment, that could have been used by a group labelled as terrorist by the US. Reports said two ex-Blackwater staff had admitted weapons charges and were co-operating with federal officials."

The News and Observer in North Carolina quoted two sources as saying officials were investigating whether any Blackwater staff shipped weapons, night-vision scopes, armour, gun kits and other equipment to Iraq without the required permits.

The firm resumed limited operations in Baghdad Friday providing security to all US state department employees in Iraq, following US consultation with the Iraqi government.

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