Friday, October 5

Two Fingers to One

As I was participating in the Peace Vigil on the corner of Clinton and Washington late this afternoon, a robust young man with close cropped hair in a blue button down oxford shirt stood across the street yelling obscenities and flipping our group the bird. As usual, I retorted with the peace sign (the dove is a bird too). However, a fellow "vigilante" resorted to a string of obscenities much more vulgar than the other fellow and then told the fellow to "go enlist."

This is when I truly get sad; what hope is there when peace folk engage in an escalation against those with whom we disagree?

But, as another person said to me, we all are there with differing ideas about how to get to peace. I just happen to prefer "be the change you hope to see" as a philosophical base.


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CR said...

I call it the "half peace sign".

In my town we've talked about responses to violent speech or gestures, and we try to embrace the principles and practices of nonviolence. It isn't easy to be cursed and screamed at, however.