Wednesday, January 30

Mukasey Shocks the Conscience of Joe Biden

Is torture okay and under what circumstances? USAG Mukasey seems to be okay with it:

"There is a statute under which it [torture] is a relative issue. I think the Detainee Treatment Act engages the standard under the Constitution which is a shocks-the-conscience standard, which is essentially a balancing test of the value of doing something as against the cost of doing it."

Joe Biden thinks differently: "I didn't think shocking the conscience had any relationship to the end being sought. I thought shocking the conscience had to do with what we consider to be basic societal values, things that we held dear, what we consider to be civilized behavior.

You're the first person I've ever heard say what you just said."

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CR said...

Huh. Mukasey rationalizing torture--I wish I could have seen that coming during his confirmation hearings.

They should have a giant air horn that they sound whenever someone spouts nonsense like cost-benefit ratios for torture. It'd be like "The Gong Show" but more painful.