Thursday, February 7

B.B. is the Only King

The is nothing more popular or progressive than the blues played the way they ought to be. Myself and the current Mrs. Klein went to see the never duplicated, the real King--Mr. B.B. King and Lucille tonight at Hancher Auditorium. He is 82 years old and believe me, the Thrill is not gone for him or the fans that packed the house.

In a tight set 90 minute set with a five piece horn section, and four on the floor (rhythm guitarist, bass player, drummer, and keyboardist)--B.B. talked and played through his repertoire like the consummate pro he is. He played the Bono/U2 (pronounced like "Sonny" Bono by Mr. King) penned "When Love Comes to Town" Of course, he saved "The Thrill Is Gone" until the end and left us wanting more.

If I get to be 82, I want to be like B.B.!

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