Thursday, February 21

British Admit to Aiding CIA Rendition

While widely denied during Tony Blair's term as Prime Minister, apparently rendition of CIA terror suspects was aided by the British.

CNN reports that British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said British territory was used to transport two suspects in the CIA's rendition program.

David Miliband said two suspects in the CIA rendition program were transported
via British soil.

Miliband told the House of Commons that two flights,
each carrying a U.S. detainee, refueled in 2002 in Diego Garcia, a British
territory in the Indian Ocean.

The British government previously had
said it played no part in the program. The foreign secretary said Thursday's
revelations were the result of "new information" the United States gave to
Britain last Friday.

"I'm very sorry indeed, Mr. Deputy Speaker, to have
to report to the House the need to correct these and other statements on the
subject," Miliband said.

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