Monday, February 4

Budget Teach In

Although the snow kept a number of people away, FAIR!s budget teach in was successful in bringing city and county leaders together to talk about how they approach their budgets and what their priorities are. Channel 4 recorded he program and it will be available on DVD and for broadcast later. John Deeth was there and live blogged and did a follow-up so I will limit my comments to analysis.

Iowa City Mayor Regenia Bailey and council member Amy Correia discussed prioritizing funding to hire three fire fighters a year from 2009-2011 to ramp up to opening a northside fire station. They discussed capital improvement projects such as improving the Sandusky storm sewer because of flooding that has affected that neighborhood. Additional "sexy" projects are the Wetherby Splash Pad (which is a neighborhood city joint project), and trail lighting for City Park.

Among policy discussions, the city is looking at its ending balance policy which currently is at 30% of income. As these are our tax dollars, the council is considering reducing this "rainy day fund".

More later on Coralville, North Liberty and the County.

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