Friday, February 22

Culver Calls for Green Government

From the Sioux City Journal

Gov. Chet Culver Thursday issued an executive order which requires and promotes energy-saving practices in state government buildings.

"I believe state government can and must be a model for greening Iowa's homes, schools and businesses," Culver said.

Culver will tap Office of Energy Independence Director Roya Stanley to oversee the Green Government Steering Committee, which will organize the eco-friendly initiatives.The new committee will offer modifications for existing state offices to make them more green, while ensuring all future state government structures meet efficiency standards, Culver said.

Members of the committee also will audit state buildings and offices for energy efficiency to establish baselines. Green thinking will be applied to many aspects of state government, from cleaning supplies to lighting systems, Culver said. State employees also will be encouraged to reduce their fuel consumption by promoting carpooling and the use of biofuels, Culver said.

"We need to get in the habit of applying best practices to our daily routines," Culver said.

How about promoting mass transit and bikes too?

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