Friday, February 22

Debate Highlights

This has been a busy week and I would be remiss to close it out without a mention of the debate last night. I didn't watch it.

I decided instead to flip channels after the debate to see what the various pundits had to say. On Fox, nothing, Bill O'Reilly was dismissing the NYT article on John McCain's lobbyist troubles. Over on MSNBC, I saw Keith Olbermann sign off and tolerated ten minutes of an awkward Chris Matthews trying to be fair to a woman pundit wedged between two guys from Newsweek. Their concensus was that Obama and Clinton won. Finally, I went over to CSPAN who was covering the foreign minister from Britain who was confessing that the CIA had renditioned a couple of suspected Al Qaida operatives (one of whom has been released) on their terrain.

I did hear something about Obama Xeroxing something or other and Clinton appearing pacifying.

Here are the real bits...

The rest are at You Tube.

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