Friday, February 8

Do We Need Government?

In browsing through the usual Press-Citizen comment fodder, it appears that a handful of people are very vocal about their distain and distrust of government at all levels. Being a civil liberterian, of sorts, I am more concerned by the government doing things like tapping our phones or reading our e-mail than whether it codifies the width of a stairwell for fire safety purposes. However, each of us has our own dissatisfactions with what government looks like, what it does, and how we are affected by it.

Do we really need government? Certainly there were periods of human history where governments did not exist. But for basic protection from other people who would harm us, to make rules so that the common good was served, and to keep the peace by having a code of laws, governments were formed and don't seem to be going anywhere.

Seemingly the problem of government stems from whose running it, what it does, and how it impacts our daily lives. Clearly the best sort of government has not been devised yet--otherwise folks wouldn't be as bent out of shape about government's shortcomings. So what would a better government look like? Here are some quick thoughts.

1) Everyone would have an equal say, kids too.
2) Government would be local rather than global.
3) Government would be a community service rather than a vocation and everyone would have to take their turn.
4) Law making would be limited to things affecting the common good.
5) Decisions would be made via concensus.
6) Taxes would be based on a community agreed upon budget and would be based on the person's ability to contribute.
7) Public/Government services would be decided on by the community.

What else?

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John Neff said...

I think you need to revise this because I doubt you intend to give a badge and a gun to a 12 year old.