Tuesday, February 12

Economic Justice Stimulus Package Idea

According to CNN, the collective campaigns for the presidency (minus Mike Gravel) have raised approximately $712.6 million dollars to date. So far, roughly $586 million have been doled out for campaign-related expenses.

According to the Center for American Progress, 37 million Americans live in poverty. This is 5 million more than in 2000. Of all those living in poverty 1 in 5 are children (17.6%).

Here's a thought, instead of donating to political parties otr candidates, get a tax deduction by:

Option 1: Donating to all persons living in poverty a share of the total cash given to the candidates. This is $19.70 a person, enough to have a hot breakfast for a week.

Option 2: Donating to only the 5 million who entered poverty since President Bush entered office. At $142.50, this is enough to keep someone's apartment heated for a month.

Option 3: Donating the money to only the children living in poverty which is 6.5 million kids. This is $109.60 or enough for school supplies for a year.

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CR said...

These ideas sound good, especially after reading this post.