Thursday, February 21

How Green Is Your Cubicle?

Reuters reports that workers are unlikely to bring their green attitude to work with them, even though energy conservation is likely to have a large influence on reducing greenhouse gases particularly carbon dioxide for the future.

According to Reuters,
A poll by Harris Interactive found that 93 percent of employed respondents conserve energy by turning off lights, computers or the television when leaving home for the day but only 50 percent do the same when leaving work.

The top reasons cited to "turn-off" at home were to save money - 85 percent - and to help the environment - 53 percent.

But while the same reasons apply at work, the percentages were significantly lower with only 36 percent turning off to conserve money and 30 percent to conserve energy -- even though 87 percent of employees say it is at least "somewhat important" that their employer offer green-friendly programs at work.

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