Tuesday, February 19

If Words Matter...

As I stared out on my "Stop Global Warming" lawn sign which has been mostly covered up by snow this winter, I realized, "Stop Global Climate Change" would have been better, and more accurate, wording. So it is with this in mind, I offer the inspirational words of our two Democratic frontrunners...

Hillary Clinton:
When asked by WISC-TV about the last message she wanted to send Wisconsin voters, Clinton responded, "I have a long relationship with Wisconsin going back to growing up in Chicago, and coming here for vacations and Scout trips and church retreats. I really believe I can be a good president, and have a great working relationship with people like Sen. Russ Feingold, and really bring our country back."

Barack Obama:

"I'm not running to fulfill some long-held ambition. I'm not running because it was somehow owed to me," he added. "I chose to run in this election because of what Dr. King called 'the fierce urgency of now.'

"My faith in the American people has been vindicated," he said, referring to his 1-year-old campaign.

"Everywhere I go, people are standing up. People want something different. . . . Our planet is in peril. People are working harder for less. It's harder to save. It's harder to retire."

The Democrat said he learned this lesson from laid-off steelworkers: "Change in America does not happen from the top down. It happens from the bottom up."

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