Tuesday, February 26

March 4th: 2 for Obama, 2 for Clinton?

If the primaries were held today, it looks like Texas and Vermont would be in Barack Obama's column and Rhode Island and Ohio would belong to Hillary Clinton. at least if the polls that Real Clear Politics is tracking.

What may be more interesting are the trends in Texas and Ohio where Obama's numbers continue to climb while Clinton's hold steady or decline.

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows Clinton earning 48% of the Ohio Democratic Presidential Primary vote. That’s unchanged from a week ago. Barack Obama’s support has grown to 43%. That’s up from 40% last week and 38% the week before.

Overall, Clinton’s lead is now just five percentage points in Ohio, down from an eight-point advantage last week and fourteen points two weeks ago.

In Texas, last week, Clinton led Obama by three percentage points. The week before, she had a sixteen-point advantage.

Although Clinton has held on to a very small lead in Texas polling, Rasmussen Markets shows that Obama is favored to win (current prices: Obama 71.8% Clinton 29.7%).

Regardless of who wins next Tuesday, the polls seem to indicate there will be no knock out punches, but more like death by a thousand cuts.

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