Sunday, February 10

Obama Takes Two Caucuses and a Primary, Huckabee Hangs Tough

In what is a battle royale for the Democrats, Barack Obama, as expected, won in Louisiana, Nebraska, and Washington state on Saturday by two to one margins over Hillary Clinton.

However with many millions of dollars pouring to both campaigns ($10 million by 100,000 donors for Clinton and "more than Senator Clinton" with donations from 350,000 people for Obama), it is becoming more likely that this campaign will be settled in Denver this summer barring a financial or organizational collapse by Clinton on March 4 with major contests in Texas and Ohio to be decided.

Meanwhile on the Republican side, it looks like there may be some buyer's remorse among hardcore party activists over the apparent coronation of John McCain. Gov. Mike Huckabee won two of the three contests in Louisiana and Kansas and is neck and neck with McCain in Washington state with 86% of the caucus vote counted.

The wild card for the Republicans is now Ron Paul who garnered between 5 and 21% of the vote in Saturday's contests. If he left the race, who would benefit is anyone's guess.

Quotes of the day:

Barack Obama: "We won north, we won south, we won in between."

Hillary Clinton: "You'll never have to worry about me getting knocked out of the ring; I think I can go toe to toe."

Mike Huckabee: "I didn't major in math. I majored in miracles, and I still believe in them."

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