Friday, February 15

Ohioans "Get" Hillary

This morsel from the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch:
“I really think the people of Ohio get me and get what I’m about,” Clinton
said. “We’re practical people. I’m from the Midwest. It’s kind of like,
‘Show me what you’re going to do.’ The best way to tell what somebody will
do is to find out what they have done. There is a big difference between
speeches and solutions and talk and action.”

So breaking it down, Hillary is from the Midwest and is practical, therefore Ohioans get her.
And, because Obama is about "speeches" and "talk" and Clinton is about "solutions" and "action," voters in Ohio will chose her.

Let's see, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, and Nebraska are all Midwestern states (and presumably full of practical people) and all have gone for Barack Obama. Therefore, Ohioans and Obama should "get" each other too.

Obama also won in Missouri, which as I recall is the "Show Me" state. So it could be argued that Obama also win in states that want "solutions" and "action."

Obama also won in Maine, which, as we have all heard, "As Maine goes, so goes the Nation."

On the other hand a recent study shows Clinton up 21% in the state over Obama. so we will have to wait and see who "gets" more votes.

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