Tuesday, February 26

Smoke That Cigarette (Not)

The Press-Citizen weighs in favoring the proposed smoking ban.

I think the smoking ban will be an economic boon for restaurants and bars that have entertainment, because I think folks who stay home on account of smoke will likely give them another try. Also, since the local control issue was defeated by the Iowa Supreme Court, it is the only way to level the playing field. However, I question exemptions for casinos, Veteran Service Clubs, and "some farms". For a smoking ban to be fair, it should be across the board and protect the health of all workers.

Alternatively, the state could create a separate license for "smoking" clubs that would provide a living wage and health coverage for all its workers.

For those who oppose this kind of law because of their perception that government is solely around to provide national defense, guess what? Healthy, productive workers are the best defense.

Smoke That Cigarette: Ray Benson and Asleep At the Wheel

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