Friday, February 8

"Speedy" Culver Pledges Support to Obama

Law school dropout and current Governor Chet Culver, never one to withhold an endorsement, bravely endorsed Barack Obama with this gubernatorial "warm and fuzzy" from the Gazette.

"Now it's on to Nebraska and Wisconsin, and I hopefully can make some difference in those Midwestern states," Culver said. "I also have some connections and ties in Maryland and Virginia, having gone to college in Virginia and lived in Maryland when my father was serving in Congress.

"I wanted to help at a time where I felt I could make a difference."

Note to Chet, Obama has been doing quite well without you in the Midwest. And unless you've kept close tabs on the boys down at the frat house in Virginia or your childhood pals in Chevy Chase, I'm not sure you are going to be much of a factor.

In more important news, the Governor did support a $114 million increase to Iowa schools.

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