Tuesday, February 5

Steal This Link

Abbie Hoffman would have been proud. Life in the Blogosphere is never boring and occasionally, you learn about some really great ideas. Below is one of them! Good reading too.
To celebrate the milestone of the Facebook group "I Bet I Can Find
1,000,000 People Who Dislike George Bush!" reaching one million
members, Amazon best selling political activism author Heather
Wokusch is giving away her books for free to every single member.
Until midnight Pacific Standard Time on February 18th, you can
download both volumes of The Progressives' Handbook: Get the Facts
and Make a Difference Now series, as well as digital excerpts that
have been linked for easier online activism. Feel free to share this
URL with your friends:


Heather Wokusch is a blogger and the author of The Progressives'
Handbook: Get the Facts and Make a Difference Now series. Her
political awakening came in 1986 when she spent a year doing
development work in the Philippines and witnessed the People Power
Revolution firsthand. Her commentary is regularly featured on major
progressive sites and her articles have appeared in publications such
as The Baltimore Sun, In These Times, Foreign Policy in Focus and
Germany's Süddeutsche Zeitung. Heather's a former jazz singer, has an
MA in clinical psychology and more than 20 years of experience in

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