Wednesday, February 20

Teachers, A Penny For Your Thoughts

According to Iowa Radio

Governor Chet Culver says he's open to the idea of letting schools use local sales tax revenue to pay for teacher salaries.

"If we can work on this in a bipartisan way and get some consensus I'm confident we can use this as a vehicle to address a lot of different needs and that might be one of them," Culver says.
Voters in each of Iowa's 99 counties have established a one-cent local option sales tax over a decade to be used for school infrastructure.

Culver says he's willing to look at all options. "You know my goal, if you will, is to make sure we're giving equal educational opportunities to young people regardless of where they live," Culver says. "That fact is we do have some concerns."

A question: If sales taxes go to teacher salaries, does the public have a right to evaluate teacher performance?

Another question: Who wants to get in the middle when making the decision about allowing a salary increase or improving the school facilities?

Another question: Do teacher salaries also include coaching positions?

A Final question: Can we use a local sales tax to pay all workers a liveable wage?

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