Wednesday, March 5

Democratic Theater: Hope Takes a Holiday or Hat's Off to Hillary

Apparently when it is 3 A.M. in Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island, voters hoped Hillary Clinton was there to answer the phone at the White House. After being all but counted out, Team Clinton scored yet another win in the big delegate states further casting doubt as to whom the nomination will eventually go.

In what can only be described as a disappointing night with a single primary victory in Howard Dean's home state, Vermont, Barack Obama's camp will look to wins in Wyoming and Mississippi in the lead up to the next big delegate state, Pennsylvania.

It will be interesting to see what strategy Obama's campaign uses to counterpunch the effectiveness of Clinton's message that worked so well among voters in bellweather state Ohio and Texas. Clinton's "where's the beef" message combined with who would be better in a crisis message resonated with voters who are concerned not only with Iraq, but also with jobs and the economy.

While the delegate count will keep Obama slightly ahead, the all important, intangible-- momentum has shifted to HRC and the onus is on Obama to make a come back. I would guess that his campaign will have to work hard to show how experience is not always a good thing and how Obama would tackle the economy, as well as end the war.

Also, with the Republican nominee decided, how will John McCain factor into deciding who the Democrats put up against him. With four victories last night, McCain earned the crown of Republican standard bearer. His mission will be two-fold, keep his name in the papers by commenting on the Democratic Party race and selecting a V.P. candidate that will help secure "the base" in the Fall.

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