Monday, March 3

Iowa City Manager: Going to the Buzzer

The Iowa City City Council, not unlike the City High School girls basketball team, is going to the end of regulation to select the next City Manager...and good for them. After having 21 years of stability, the next City Manager will have their work cut out. Between an aging workforce, the demands for new public safety workers, a state government which may jiggle the tax base in a way that will hurt cities like Iowa City that have a lot of rental property; you could say, its going to be a bumpy ride.

My guess--and believe me it is just that, is that the Des Moines candidate will likely get the nod. The job will require a community builder and someone who can be diplomatic. My guess is that the young blood of the Council and the established councilors are going through a rigorous dance to build consensus. I'd think that there are some on the Council who will either prefer to a) start over or b) want one candidate squarely over the other.

For the sake of the new City Manager getting off to a good start, it would seem like the council would want to have a unified front when they announce their decision. This has been the tact in most of their votes.

Stay tuned. The City Council will meet in executive session to continue their deliberations tomorrow night at 7:30 pm after their regular work session.

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