Tuesday, March 25

Will (Miller-) Meeks Inherit Congressional District 2?

Not quite seeing eye-to-eye with Dave Loebsack, Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, an ophthalmologist from Ottumwa, Iowa, today announced her bid for the Republican nomination for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. Dr. Miller-Meeks is a long time resident of Ottumwa, a retired Lt. Colonel in the US Army Reserve, and is the past President of the Iowa Medical Society.

Apparently distancing herself from both Congressman Loebsack and former Republican Congressman, Jim Leach, Miller-Meeks said, “It is with great humility and honor that today, I announce my bid to represent the great people of the 2nd District of Iowa. Iowa’s 2nd District has much to be proud of, and it is time that we have a representative in Congress of whom we are proud.”

Dr. Miller-Meeks indicated many pressing issues that directly effect the people of the 2nd District are not being addressed.

“We have a Congressman who campaigned in 2006 as an ‘agent of change.’ Health care costs are still spiraling out of control; reimbursement rates for our rural areas are still lagging; fundamental earmark and spending reform is blocked; our borders are still porous and our national security threatened; and our social security system is closer to financial calamity. The only thing that has changed in the last two years is our Congressman. He’s morphed from an agent of change to an agent of the status quo.”

Dr. Miller-Meeks said her experience as a doctor, veteran, and nurse give her a unique perspective on how to solve problems facing Iowa. “My life’s experiences have taught me to think critically about the issues, to provide independent solutions, and most importantly, to be honest and straightforward in my advice. That is the way I will conduct myself as a representative in Congress, and I think the people of the 2nd District deserve nothing less.”

Dr. Miller-Meeks’ practices in offices in Fairfield and Ottumwa. She served for 8 years as a surgical nurse in the US Army and 14 years as a doctor in the US Army Reserve, retiring as a Lt. Colonel. She is the first woman and immediate Past President of the Iowa Medical Society. She has served on the faculty of the University of Iowa, and the University of Michigan Medical Schools. She and her husband reside in Ottumwa with their children Taylor, a senior at Ottumwa High School, and Jonathon, a student at Colgate University in New York.

Miller-Meeks joins Lee Harder of Spencer who is also vying for the opportunity to contest the 2nd District seat.

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