Thursday, May 22

Barack and Hillary: Enough Already

Jimmy Breslin once wrote a book called "The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight" and it offers a cautionary tale to the Democratic Party's dueling twosome to stop poisoning the well of goodwill that the country has had toward the party. It is true that the race for the nomination has been one of historic proportions and clearly Hillary Clinton has worked doggedly for the nomination, as has Barack Obama. However, the tank is on empty and it is time for Sen. Clinton to pull off the road.

It is now time to coalesce as a party and begin to gear up for the fall campaign. Barack Obama has earned the party's nomination and it is especially important that he campaign vigorously in those areas where he has not had the support that Hillary Clinton has had. It is important for Hillary Clinton's massive contribution to the dialogue to be acknowledged and to have a significant role for her in the party going forward.

It is one thing for party leaders to say they will unite and quite another for embittered partisans to dust themselves off and fully support the party's candidate, particularly one that has been bloodied by their efforts. If ever there was a time for Democrats to put aside differences, this is it. John McCain is not Bob Dole. He will be formidable and will grab some M.O.R. voters because of his gravitas. The winning path for Barack Obama is to keep pointing out what Bill Clinton took to the bank when he was elected, "It's the Economy, Stupid."

John McCain may try to distance himself from George Bush, but he can't run away from the fact that Republican policies have tanked the stock market, the housing market, and the job market. People do see the connection between the war and the economy, but it is the economy that they feel every day.

So enough already, the press needs a new story to report. Don't use the convention to show how dysfunctional a family the Democratic party can be. Use it to pull together and show that the Democratic party is ready to lead on Day 1--Yes, We Can!

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