Tuesday, May 27

Ed Fallon Endorsed Over Leonard Boswell by Des Moines Register

The Des Moines Register is not known for it's going-out-on-a-limb ability, so it comes as a huge surprise that they endorsed my favorite Iowa progressive over long-sitting (Note that I did not say "long-serving") congressman, Leonard Boswell. Iowans in the fighting 3rd District have had the good sense to support Ed Fallon in his many campaigns and I hope they do this time around when it is likely that we will have both a Democratic House and White House.

Does an endorsement by the Des Moines Register have significance in this race, particularly when Boswell's coffers have been filled by lobby dollars and his name recognition--heightened by the ability to send "Congressional information" to his district for free--usually hold sway? That's for the voters to decide. But, as we learned in the 2nd District in 2006, when a college professor with even less name recognition, Dave Loebsack beat long-serving, moderate (and frankly with a voting record very much like Leonard Boswell) Jim Leach, nothing is for certain until the voters make it so.

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