Monday, May 12

Off to the Workforce Development Office

Well, it is my first full week without work and I am learning about the ropes of unemployment insurance. So far I have learned that you can actually register for services at the IWD without actually going there. They have a nifty online form to fill out. I also learned that you can call in to report your progress, which is very cool. However, I also learned that automated phone systems are not good at nuance. For instance, if you are expecting to receive a severance check or vacation pay, but have not received it, the phone system has no way of knowing that and so I will be visiting the office this morning to explain that nuance to a person--at least I hope it's a person.

For the next 26 weeks, I am eligible to receive $360 a week. I hope not to have to collect it for long, but it is nice to know it is available.

Also, if you are in the position that I am in, just know that that about 1/3 of your severance pay and accrued vacation is held back for taxes--yikes!

I have already applied for two jobs last week and will apply for more this week. I've got an interview lined up tomorrow. On to greatness!

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